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A Time for Action

By Lyman Bishop April 12, 2020 0 comments

Modern America faces a number of threats from all sides. Enemies both foreign and domestic have been working against the principles upon which this nation was founded for decades and they stand ready to begin their end game. Make no mistake. We are coming up on the main event, the World Series of human civilization, and most of us will not like where things could potentially go. I say potentially, because like the Biblical city of Nineveh, America now stands at a crossroads, and we must make a choice. We will either turn away from the wayward thinking that has saturated so much of this nation or we will be consumed by it.

Failed policies such as open borders or our exponentially growing national debt will consume us if we do not take immediate action. California has recently granted full healthcare benefits to over 600,000 illegal immigrants at the cost of the US taxpayer. The Virginia Senate, led by Governor Northam, have passed bills that will strip individuals of their right to keep and bear arms making the majority of Virginia Citizens felons by default overnight. Other states such as Georgia and Florida are preparing similar legislation. Open supporters of enemy nations hold seats of power in our own nation. Our values are under attack from all sides. It is truly disgraceful.

Our young people, especially many of our young men, some of the most capable people on the face of the planet, feel disenfranchised by their own system. They feel as if their birthright has been stolen from them, and with it a future of opportunity has been traded for certain destitution at the hands of an incapable government, and they are not wrong. Ever since its inception, the Federal Reserve has been in control of the issuance of currency in the United States, in direct violation of the United States Constitution where it clearly states that only Congress shall issue currency. They own and control the IRS. They print our money and lend our tax dollars to our own Government with interest. It is in this way that 100 years of American industry and prosperity has been traded for 23 trillion dollars in debt. The audacity of these people knows no end, and I question any claim that states that there is any gold reserves at Fort Knox, or any other location in the United States, that is in the control of any entity other than the Federal Reserve.

You have every reason to be angry, and the people pulling the strings know this all too well. It is for that reason, above any other, that an anti gun agenda has been propagated in the country. It is for that reason that those traitors within our own government are working overtime to strip you of your right to keep and bear arms. They fear you, and that is exactly what the Founders intended. When the government fears the people there is freedom. When the people fear the
government there is tyranny.

It is however vitally important that we handle this situation with a focused mind and a calm spirit. We are in the greatest game of chess in human history. Our opponent has been cheating and the pieces are beginning to take their place on the board. We can see the net closing in around us but it is only an illusion that those in power have perpetrated over a long period of time in order to get you to forget who you are.
Jesus said, “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesars”, but in a Nation of the People, for the People and by the People, We the People ARE Caesar. Our will is law and our government cannot legally challenge our collective will, but it cannot take effect unless we are willing to be heard. We the People have every right to challenge any aspect of the system that governs us, yet those in power make every attempt to silence us on every level.

There is however a solution, but it requires bold thinking that challenges conventional practice. A solution that can help bring people together, and give them a sense of community and stability where true and lasting prosperity can be achieved, not only for this generation, but for those to come. In the coming weeks I will outline my economic plan for Montana. A plan that I believe can establish Montana as a state that can stand on its own two feet, without Federal assistance of any kind. A Montana that is every bit as capable as the people that call her home. Living in Montana isn't always easy, and neither is my plan, but the outcome is something that can set us apart and allow our children to live in safety and prosperity for generations.

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