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The Campaign

Friends, Countrymen, and Fellow Montana Citizens, although it was my original intent to run my campaign as an Independent Candidate, I have, after care consideration, determined that while I am very much an Independent with regards to my political methodology and platform, I believe that it will serve to our advantage if I align myself with, and obtain the assistance of, an established political party.

To that end I have carefully considered all options. As always and with all things, all options are on the table. While the idea of running as a Democrat, or what would in my case equate to a DINO (Democrat In Name Only), was an interesting idea based on shock value alone, that would not represent a genuine approach. While it would be an incredible experience to work against the Democratic Party from within, this idea was of course dismissed before it was ever discussed, and it was only discussed in jest.

Running as a Republican would afford us my greatest chance of victory, if I could win the primary election. It is however, highly unlikely that the Republican Party establishment would ever dare to nominate someone as outspoken as I have been and inevitably will be. They, many of whom are career politicians, simply have too much to lose by ever speaking the whole truth or genuinely using their positions for the benefit of the people over the interests of their party as a whole. While Montanans have, in recent history, elected Democratic Governors, we do tend to lean conservative and I believe that this alone gives the 2020 Republican Candidate an advantage. At least on paper. I do however believe that the strength of my message alone greatly outweighs this advantage with regards to the outcome of the general election.

The Libertarian Party represents an outspoken party whose core beliefs align, in many ways, with my own. Freedom of self determination, limited government and a strong adherence to the ideals of Natural Law and the importance of the US Constitution being the common ground on which we stand. I believe that if I were to run as a Libertarian I could bring a greater level of balance to the party itself. In this effort I would seek to refocus and align those within the Libertarian Party in order to create a more unified front, thereby helping to establish a more viable third party alternative.

Many of you have followed my story as it has unfolded and the support I have gained in the process has greatly exceeded my wildest expectations. For years I have shared my thoughts and spoken from the heart at every turn. Anytime I came across information that I felt was important to the people I have shared it. Always with the benefit of American Citizens at heart. I have stood up for, and provided the means of personal protection for countless Americans. Regardless of race, religion, political affiliation or ethnicity. Especially those that live in states whose rights are now under attack from elements within their own state governments such as Virginia and now Arizona. I have called out and chastised powerful entities at every level. Especially those I feel have threatened the very pillars of our Republic by exceeding the scope of their authority. Perpetrating abuses against the people they are supposed to serve with impunity.

These efforts have posed significant personal risks to myself, my business and my family. Both personally and professionally. My efforts to stand up for the American people has resulted in attempts to destroy my business and threats to end my life. I have met and overcome these challenges without any direct assistance. Always standing very much alone in my work. Only the ongoing support of the people has given me the great hope I have for our future and given me the courage to continue in this effort. As long as I have that I will relentlessly fight for our collective future, regardless of the cost or the outcome of this election.

It is that same fighting spirit that I will continue to bring to the cause of freedom. No longer can we sit idly by and allow career politicians to direct the course of our state or our nation for their own personal gain.

Many of us, myself included, have felt for years, and in some cases decades, that our vote is of little importance. Many feel that those in power have a stranglehold on our government, and that the nation is too far gone to ever truly function as it was intended. I must admit, I too have wrestled with these same concerns. I do however believe that we can reclaim what is rightfully ours, if we will simply stand up and demand to be heard. Those who oppose the will of the people do so in ways that can best be resolved through beating them at their own game. The costs on the most vulnerable among us demand that we seek real and lasting resolution of our grievances.

Especially considering that the majority among us still hold to the right ideals. We must however focus on our commonalities and legitimize the grievances of all segments of society. Young and old, rich and poor, and everyone in between.

We have been sold a lie. A lie that tells us we are helpless, but the power of that lie is nothing more than an illusion. This nation is still ours to command, and we have the method with which to do so readily available. We need only vote. And while often overlooked, this right is, or at least can be, our most powerful weapon and our greatest freedom. The means to enforce our will as intelligent and civilized people. The greatest, in my opinion, that the world has ever known.

It is however of the utmost importance that we act now if we are to preserve our way of life. Those who work against us have been manipulating circumstances and establishing powerful alliances for decades. All acting against the best interests of We the People.

The longer we wait the stronger our opponents become. This election may represent our last real hope for the preservation of our core values and principles. If I am elected I will utilize every means at my disposal to ensure the future of Montana and to set an example for other states to follow.

It is for these reasons that I am proud to announce my run as a Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate for 2020. I hope I can count on your continued support as we move through the process and as I continue to fight for the rights of American citizens. In particular, in my attempts to address the issues that face Montana. It is my goal to use this platform as a means to serve as an example to others and demonstrate the true intent of political service as intended by our Founding Fathers.

I have written a series of documents outlining my positions on some of the key issues that face Montana which are now available on my campaign website I encourage you to read my proposals and provide your feedback. In the end it is the will of the people that I wish to carry out and I cannot do that effectively without assistance from those I wish to serve.

This can only be achieved if we work together. Volunteer positions are available. Please contact us to get involved.

We are, of course, accepting donations and there is merchandise available. A detailed financial plan is outlined on my campaign site.

May God Bless you and may God Bless Montana.


Lyman Bishop

CEO & Founder: Hoplite Armor LLC

2020 Libertarian Gubernatorial

Candidate for the Great State of Montana

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