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Sovereignty Through Financial Independence

In order for Montana to operate as a “Free, Sovereign and Independent State” as outlined in Article 2, Section 2 of our State Constitution, we must set ourselves free from the bondage of financial control that the federal government holds over us. At every turn, when the people of Montana have sought to act according to their own will, the federal government has utilized the tools of financial control and manipulation in order to “force us back into line” and prevent us from doing so.

We, as the citizens of the State of Montana, must have the ability to determine our own fate, and in order to do so we must have the ability to control our financial future. We must consider and plan for short and long term goals, as well as prepare for various worst case economic scenarios so we can better weather the turbulent storms of the modern global economy and ensure the wellbeing of our fellow citizens in any foreseeable circumstances. The Covid outbreak and its resulting impact on the global economy is only a precursor of the things to come if we maintain our current trajectory. To this end we must establish the means to determine our own future and enforce our will without the threat of being cut off financially by a federal government that has lost all sense of its original purpose.

Montana is called the Treasure State for good reason. Not only are our vast expanses of natural beauty world class treasures, but we have also been blessed with natural resources that we have only begun to explore. Our gold, timber, minerals and precious gems are just a small example of the blessings that our state has to offer that have yet to be fully explored. These resources have long been sought after by wealthy businessmen and the politicians they help elect, and we are fortunate that they have not yet been stripped from us. However, unless certain measures are taken, it is inevitable that on a long enough timeline, these resources will be pilfered by special interests, and any potential gains that such resources could provide to the people will be taken from us. Leaving nothing but a destroyed landscape in its wake.

As Montanans we also recognize the importance of preserving and protecting the natural beauty of the environment that drew many of us to call Montana home. Our love and respect for nature is codified into law within the pages of the Montana State Constitution, and rightly so. Unfortunately, much of the land that contains these resources is under the control of the Federal Government, in direct conflict with the legal authority granted to the people according to Constitutional law. 

It is, as I have said, inevitable that on a long enough timeline our resources will be sold off and usurped. It is therefore of the utmost importance that we fully understand the magnitude of these resources and take action to protect them from special interests. This requires exploration and analysis. However, if we explore these opportunities it must be done under the direct control of, and for the exclusive benefit of the Citizens of the State of Montana. This can only be accomplished through the establishment of a business entity that can act on behalf of, under the direct control of, and for the exclusive benefit of, the Citizens of Montana, thus keeping the wealth we generate in Montana, controlled by the people of Montana. 

Owned and controlled by the people of Montana, this entity can then evaluate and assess existing areas, both for resource extraction and infrastructure development as well as the preservation of environmentally sensitive areas. In this way we prevent private corporations from making risky decisions that endanger our environment and deny them the opportunity to take the wealth of Montana resources out of our State economy.  Such an endeavor has never been undertaken, but in the modern economy we must strive to meet the needs of the people and do everything we can to preserve the natural environment, therefore we must seek solutions that challenge conventional thinking.

To this end, I propose the establishment of The Montana Corporation. A citizen owned and operated legal business entity that is able to assess, administer and allocate the resources that are needed to provide true, long term, economic independence to the people of Montana while preserving and protecting the natural environment. As a result, a wide range of jobs will be created and a system of profit sharing can then be implemented whereby funds can be distributed to the Citizens of the State of Montana, each according to his or her needs, in order to insure the common welfare. In so doing, individual Montanans would directly benefit, helping to better stabilize our citizens financially, such as in the case of Alaska with regards to oil revenue. God has blessed Montana with vast wealth and I believe that the time to put this to work for the benefit of the people has come. We cannot allow private corporate interests to take advantage of these resources, nor can we allow the Federal Government to dictate how we operate as a free, sovereign and independent state in accordance with Article 2, Section 2 of the Montana State Constitution. Most of all, we cannot allow our people to suffer the indignity of poverty or be subjugated by our own government when it is in our power to do otherwise.

In order to properly protect those assets we must establish what I call The Bank of Montana. A division of The Montana Corporation whereby a self-sufficient and completely independent banking system can be established, outside of the control of the world's Central Banks. Only such an approach can provide Montana with a true and lasting financial system based on sound economic principles that cannot be controlled, manipulated or confiscated by outside forces. 

The Bank of Montana can provide low interest mortgages, car loans and business resources to our Citizens. Thereby growing our wealth through the establishment of a financially healthy civilian populace. One that can assist its young people while providing for our elderly and disabled. In this scenario Montana becomes financially independent, unreliant on Federal funding, allowing us to better determine our own destiny, thereby creating a stable society of people all working towards the same goal.

Furthermore, we will establish a new system of credit. In this way we can give everyone a fresh start and a new lease on their financial life based on fair, just and equal terms. We can then secure all our financial data through the development of an encrypted data system unlike anything currently available in order to protect the privacy and integrity of the personal data and financial holdings credited to the Citizens of Montana. No longer will we be held hostage by the global bankers and their treacherous schemes. No longer will we be forced to negotiate our rights away in exchange for Federal funding. No longer will we be the victims of a system that takes everything from us in exchange for fewer and fewer freedoms. No longer will we be transformed from citizens to subjects. Rather we will be a free, stable and successful society acting in our own interests as originally intended according to the contractual agreement by which Montana joined the Union in the first place.

Additionally, I propose for the establishment of new, modern developments, built with the most technologically advanced methods, with minimal impact on the environment. Resource extraction leaves a footprint, as do all human efforts. However, if the same footprint can be used to serve as a foundation for future developments we minimize our impact on the environment tremendously. New modern developments, built in key areas of production, designed to minimize man's impact on the environment will set an example to the world as to the future of human habitation and activity which will in turn make Montana competitive in the modern world through the establishment of new homes, businesses, Universities and advanced learning centers. Creating a sustainable infrastructure while introducing our children to Science, Technology, Law and Medicine is of the utmost importance in order to ensure that future generations of Montanans are able to compete, and excel, on a global level. 

This would in turn create entirely new industries and vast employment opportunities, thereby providing extensive opportunities whereby the people of Montana can truly prosper. Such a system would provide sufficient resources to provide Montanans with access to higher education at little to no cost. The costs of Healthcare could likewise be significantly reduced through the implementation of a new, improved system of medical care. One in which Montana hospitals are owned and operated by the people. Thus allowing Montana doctors to provide advanced care to our citizens without the burden of covering the costs associated with outside expenses or pre-established national rates.

I also believe in the importance of our ability to maintain a certain level of self sufficiency. Especially with regards to food production. Maintaining our independence and our ability to produce what we need within our own borders is a critical concept that was held in high regard by the Founding Fathers. Expanding and protecting our ranching and agricultural base will ensure that our food sources are secure and productive for generations to come. This can be achieved by fundamentally changing the way that agricultural and ranching businesses conduct their transactions. Breaking the monopoly of the grain industry that holds farmers in bondage and allowing Montana raised meat products to be labeled accordingly are two simple solutions that will have a dramatic impact on our ability to support those who provide for our most basic needs.

What I propose goes beyond simple solutions and empty promises. What I propose represents a quantum leap in the way that human society can function. An economic system that creates equal opportunities, and basic protections for every member of society. Building on the core principles of capitalism while exemplifying our most noble traits, that of justice, fair play and a collective effort working towards the common good. 

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